On Resources: My Rationale Explained

Steel Hardening: A Guide to Nitriding You may only need to harden your base metal. Sometimes, the nature of wear isn't tribological. It may subsequently not be relevant using dry lubrication, low friction coatings. Heat treating and hardening techniques like nitriding and carburizing are used to boost resistance to abrasion in this case. In contrast, they [...]

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My Husband’s Affair – Should I Forgive Him?

My husband's affair has ripped apart my heart and soul and I'm wondering if I should forgive him or not. Are these the thoughts consuming you each and every day as you [...]

Surviving The Affair – The 9 Questions To Ask Yourself When Deciding To Stay Or Go

Surviving the affair and making the decision to stay or go after your husband has had an affair is one of the most important yet difficult decisions of your [...]

Tips On Dealing With Depression After Your Husband’s Affair

I often hear from spouses (very often wives) who worry that they are suffering from depression as they are trying to recover from their husband's cheating, infidelity, or [...]